The Sims | Estúdio is hiring for new live service IP

THE the Sims 4 Maxis is doing very well, having received a significant overhaul and a new expansion, Realm of Magic, on the way. However, it seems that there are other things in the works at the company’s Austin studio.

A recent listing revealed that Maxis wants to hire a creative director for a new IP. Although details were not provided, the listing said it wanted someone with experience “designing a game with a long-term live service”. Working on PCs and cell phones is also a requirement. Another interesting note was how the creative director should “understand how the content and experiences generated by the user are shaping the products on the market”. The experience needed to “design, launch, monitor and evolve a live service title”, in addition to working with “licensing partners”. ”They were also declared.

With EA’s mobile strategy, including a new Plants vs Zombies and a mobile version of Apex Legends, it’s not so strange to see Maxis involved with something.