We will need, at least, around 90GB of free space on the hard drive of our PS4 if we want to play Marvel’s Avengers.

Are you looking forward to the landing of Marvel’s Avengers this coming September 4? Well, if you want to enjoy the game, or at least be able to install it, we leave you with how much space it will occupy; at least on PS4. Thanks to a new published video of an unboxing, we have been able to see the size necessary to be able to install it on our console.

Although it is true that download sizes in game are not 100% accurate In what is indicated previously on the label, this size is mentioned towards what it will occupy on your PlayStation 4. That is, the free space, at least, that your PS4 needs to install the game and then play it.

In the video you can see that it is a Marvel’s Avengers Collector’s Edition unboxing, whose name is “Earth’s Mightiest Edition”. Before starting to open all its contents, a pause is made with the details of the box and its back, which is where can we see this detail.

Among the details of the game is the one of this required size, where you can see that Marvel’s Avengers You will need at least as a minimum 90GB of free hard disk space. This is, of course, something that has confirmed on PS4 version of the game, the weight of the game on the other platforms is unknown.

Do not forget that the Marvel’s avengers beta it is still active, so you can read our impressions. On the other hand, Marvel’s Avengers will have more scenarios and regions as new content after launch and detailed its specifications on PC and the exclusive advantages of this version.

Marvel’s Avengers could receive Black Panther, Doctor Strange or Ant-Man as playable characters

In addition, Spider-Man in Marvel’s Avengers will have a separate arc, which will not affect future expansions of the game and it is possible that the Spider-Man character will arrive in March.