The SNES and NES Classic controllers will work on both machines

The arms of the soon-to-arrive retro console can be plugged onto the previous machine, or vice versa if we find it more comfortable.

Fans of retro games have a good deal these days, as many older machines get their own reissues, and after the popular NES, a smaller version of the SNES has also arrived. Nintendo is producing a controller with the same connector as the NES Classic Mini.

Several sources have confirmed that the SNES Classic controller works on the NES Classic and vice versa, so we will be able to play with the controller of the older console on the newer machine. However, despite the compatibility, the latter solution can be quite problematic, as there are fewer buttons on the NES arm, making it difficult to control many SNES games, but the universal solution definitely gets a red dot for Nintendo.

Will you get the SNES Classic, or would you rather choose another retro machine?

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