The source code of the Xbox operating system as well as the development tools have been uploaded in their entirety.

The original Xbox came out almost 20 years ago, but like many other older machines, of course, Microsoft’s first console has plenty of fans who persistently tinker and experiment with it to this day. The community has already gained quite a bit of knowledge about how the machine works in recent years, but nonetheless, the codes that have now been leaked may give new impetus to this hobby.

Nowadays, it is relatively common for software source code or part of it to leak somehow, but now, according to The Verge, a very serious batch has emerged, as the entire code for the Xbox operating system and a code for the Xbox Development Kit and Windows NT 3.5 part of it has also become available.

This is a nice bite, but at the same time it’s important to note that some of these tools have already circulated among hobby developers, so that doesn’t necessarily mean that the homebrew scene will flourish from here, and using the code itself is downright illegal. but fans may be able to uncover some previously unknown secrets about how the system works.

A Microsoft spokesman, meanwhile, has meanwhile confirmed that the leaked codes are real and he says he’s already trying to figure out how these code bases got out.

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