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The Spanish translation of The Elder Scrolls Online is coming to PlayStation and Xbox with a new expansion

The Spanish translation of The Elder Scrolls Online is coming to PlayStation and Xbox with a new expansion

High Isle has already been released on PC, but now console users can enjoy this adventure.

The Elder Scrolls Online users have long been waiting for the English translationThe announcement of High Isle, its newest expansion, drew applause from the Spanish-speaking community. After all, Bethesda has confirmed the introduction of the Spanish language both in the texts in the case of subtitleswhich has facilitated access to thousands of players.

High Isle features a story centered on political intrigue.Those who play The Elder Scrolls Online on PC have been able to enjoy the goodness of High Isle since the beginning of June, but now users of PlayStation and Xbox can join the adventure via their platforms. Bethesda thus recalls that the extension and, therefore, the English translation are already available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series.

As for what’s new in High Isle that goes beyond the language of the novel, it’s important to note that the expansion takes us into an area where the language of the novel is not yet known. unpublished area the game area. Players will discover a new plot centered on the history of the European Union.

Thus, all players of The Elder Scrolls Online can now immerse themselves in the history of High Isle, as well as discover other additions involving the introduction of two companions and other news. Either way, and considering that PC users have been able to access this expansion since June 7th, we can celebrate that this adventure is now available on all platforms.

Top 10 Games To Play If You Like Skyrim: Elder Scrolls V

Skyrim: The Elder Scrolls V was one of the most amazing RPG games to come out in the last decade; it quickly became one of the most popular open-world games to date and remains a popular adventure game with audiences. The only other game that can match the hype of The Elder Scrolls V is Skyrim: Elder Scrolls VI, which sadly isn’t due out for many years.

Elden Ring is a brilliant open-world game that has blown away countless fans in the short time since its release. Elden Ring is like Skyrim’s older, more accomplished sibling; If you love Skyrim but crave more challenges, Elden Ring is the perfect game for you! This game is perfect for those who enjoyed the combat and strategy aspects of Skyrim the most.

The Elder Scrolls 6: The “Grandmother of Skyrim” Makes a Very Special Request to Bethesda

The Elder Scrolls has never lived up to its name so well

It all started a few years ago, when the web discovered The Skyrim Grandma, or the Skyrim grandma in French. Shirley Curry, her real name, posted on her Twitter screenshots reflecting the beauty of the landscapes of the fifth opus of the Elder Scrolls. Moreover, she has a Youtube channelon which she currently continues to add various gameplay videos.

The adorable grandmother embodies a Khajiit and therefore publishes excerpts from her adventures in Skyrim. We advise you to watch one of his videos, the gameplay is quite slow, but more than surprising! The highlights of its gameplay are numerousbut we will remember the one where she refused to steal from an NPC she had just killed, saying “no, it’s not done, we’re not going to steal”.

Over time, the grandmother has become a real mascot of The Elder Scrolls communityso much so that Bethesda had unveiled in 2019 working on an NPC in its effigy.

“Hurry up !”

At the end of April, our dear octogenarian took part in the PAX East. There, she held a booth where she conducted a question and answer session. During this session, the Rock, Papers, Shotgun media asked her what she would say to Todd Howard (executive producer at Bethesda) if he was in this room. His answer was very clear.