While there are generally new stories told in the Call of Duty series, Black Ops is a universe apart. And Black Ops 4 may not have a single player, but it does have a story. LauraJenny catches up with you in Shooterstories: Call of Duty: Black Ops.

Black Ops is the longest sub-series in Call of Duty. The games are all developed by Treyarch and no game takes place in the same time period. One believes that Call of Duty: World at War belongs in the series, while the name suggests otherwise. Let’s go through the stories of the Black Ops games for a moment.

Call of Duty: Black Ops (2010)

It’s the 1960s and the Cold War is in full swing. You are special CIA agent Alex Mason trying to remember the location of a station that broadcasts to agents using chemical weapons in America called Nova-6. He has to, because he is tied to a chair and he has to do everything he can to pass the interrogation properly.

That’s why you dive into his memories with him, starting with Operation 40 in which Fidel Castro was to be killed in Cuba. Mason thinks he’s doing well, but it turned out to be a Castro double. He is arrested and put in prison with Viktor Reznov, who was once in the Red Army. The two befriend and share stories, helping Mason learn more about Nova-6. After a year in jail, Mason manages to get away and meets President John F. Kennedy to ask permission for the next mission: to kill Dragovich, the big man behind that Nova-6.

Black ops operations have taken place in various locations, including South Vietnam and Siberia. You’re not just Mason: you’re also playing with Red Army CIA operative Jason Hudson and Viktor Reznov. In this game you also meet John F. Kennedy and Fidel Castro, so there is enough history to give the fierce stories some realism.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2

We are now moving into the near future, as we now follow Alex’s son: David Mason. It is now 2025, but we also go back to the eighties to tell more about Alex’s story. Frank Woods, a CIA agent who also played a major role in the first Black Ops, appears frequently in this game, albeit significantly outdated. David runs into him while on a Special Forces operation and wants to learn more about where Raul Menendez is located.

Woods tells David about his father: how he retired in 1986 to live with David in Alaska. On the one hand, the game takes place in those years after that vague retirement of Alex Mason in which he still takes up a mission, but the game mainly takes place in 2025 during a second Cold War. That war is exactly what the villain of the play, Menendez, has in mind. This already became clear in the 1980s, but has now continued. The ruthless man feels uncomfortably treated by the United States and is seeking revenge in the form of a new Cold War. Not soviets this time, but China. And a lot of robots, cyber war and other technical gadgets.

It is an interesting story, which despite the enormously action movie-like way of telling, is still very realistic. A man feels hurt, gathers people around him who want to fight for him and that gradually gets more and more out of hand. The work of PW Singer “Wired for War: The Robots Revolution and Conflict in the 21st Century” has been used as a source of inspiration for this game, so that makes you think again about what warfare is like when looking at technological developments. That is not exactly the way we “are used to” from historical war shooters.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3

If you haven’t enjoyed enough futuristic warfare yet, there is Black Ops 3. Not surprisingly Black Ops 3 went even more futuristic, as this game is set in 2065. The world now faces a third Cold War between Winslow Accord (America ) and Common Defense (Europe), in which not only technology plays a major role, but also climate change. Robots are now fully deployed in combat and that raises the iRobot-like question whether there will not be a day when robots will take over.

It’s all very far-fetched and that doesn’t appeal to everyone, but it is interesting in terms of story to see that Menendez’s drone attacks in 2025 still have an impact on the world: countries have built special air defense systems that make the battle just that little bit different fought. In these Black Ops we have moved away from the Mason family. You now control a soldier (that is you yourself) and you are already injured by a robot during a rescue operation in Ethiopia at the beginning of the game. Fortunately, Commander John Taylor will save you.

Military information is constantly leaking and it is up to your black ops team to stop that, because the opposition is constantly ahead of you and many people are killed. By completing multiple missions you get closer to that end goal. Although you have to endure a lot mentally: there are quite a few fierce twists in Black Ops 3. The story is enormously over the top and because it also takes place in an over the top world, Black Ops 3 is not exactly favorite with the crowd.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

Where we have always made jumps in time, in Black Ops 4 we get stuck in the same futuristic times. We have arrived in the year 2043, where Jessica Mason-Green (yes, the family is back!) Is killed on a secret mission. Her extremely wealthy sister, Savannah Mason, forms a small army for herself that she trains through an artificial version of Frank Woods. They have to face an as yet unknown and very mysterious threat.

In Black Ops 4, not so much a new story is told, because that is also quite complicated without a single player campaign. However, more depth is sought in the characters, because you learn considerably more about the Mason sisters in this story. And the artificial intelligence that Frank Woods has to propose, also makes the game feel a bit more like it used to be. In the Specialists missions you also see how Black Ops 4 strings together the second and third Black Ops even more.

In this serial you get the shooter’s story from Metro and Rage served. Have fun with Call of Duty Black Ops. And especially for the people who had no patience to read all this, here’s a recap of the first Blops: