the successor to one of the best OLED TVs of 2019 aims to make an impact with Filmmaker Mode and Dolby Vision IQ

Although it only appeared briefly in a teaser during Panasonic’s presentation at the CES edition that is being held in Las Vegas (United States), it has caused an impact. The new OLED TV HZ2000 of this Japanese brand is set to succeed its current “flagship”, the GZ2000, a model that impressed us when we had the opportunity to thoroughly analyze it in our own facilities just a few months ago for its exceptional overall image quality and superb sound. Dolby Atmos.

The GZ2000 is hands down one of the best OLED TVs to hit stores in 2019, so it’s understandable that its successor’s announcement caused quite a stir. Even if the information that Panasonic has released about the new TV is not as complete as we would have liked. Of course, what we know is enough to allow us to see that this new high-end OLED TV is going to give a lot to talk about. And it will be one of the first to incorporate the interesting technologies Filmmaker Mode and Dolby Vision IQ.

Filmmaker Mode and Dolby Vision IQ: The Recipe Sauce

The information that Panasonic has revealed so far about the HZ2000 reflects that the features that we liked so much about the GZ2000 when we had the opportunity to review it. will continue to be present in his successor. However, of course, this is not enough. It is necessary to add new ingredients to the recipe because 2020 promises to be a year in which television manufacturers “are going to put the batteries”, among other things, because this year we have Olympic Games, an event that usually causes more sales teles.

Filmmaker Mode and Dolby Vision IQ technologies work together in this new Panasonic television to ensure that it reproduces images with scrupulous respect for the vision of film directors.

One of the most powerful novelties introduced by Panasonic in its new OLED TV is known as Filmmaker Mode. We are preparing an article in which we will investigate this innovation to explain it in as much depth as possible, but now we are interested to know that it is a technology developed by the UHD Alliance organization that seeks to make televisions capable of reproducing cinematographic content exactly as directors of the movies they had in mind when they filmed and produced their films.

To achieve this, it is essential not only to preserve the original aspect ratio and the cadence of images per second, but also the color, contrast, sharpness, and, of course, minimize noise. In short, it is about the aesthetics of the images in our house being the same with which the director worked during the post-production of his film on the mastering monitor. It is certainly an ambitious goal. To develop this technology, the UHD Alliance has had the help of renowned directors such as Christopher Nolan, Martin Scorsese or Paul Thomas Anderson, among others. An interesting note: the Filmmaker Mode function can be turned on and off pressing a button on the TV remote control.

Another promising feature that the HZ2000 TV will incorporate is Dolby Vision IQ. This technology will work hand in hand with Filmmaker Mode to ensure that the images shown by the television scrupulously respect the vision of the film director, even if the light conditions of the room in which we have placed it are not very favorable. Dolby Vision IQ uses Dolby Vision dynamic metadata to identify what type of content we are playing and adjust the TV’s brightness delivery dynamically to the brightness of the room. According to Panasonic, the joint work of these two technologies allows the TV to recover a greater amount of detail, something that we will see as soon as we have the opportunity to analyze the new HZ2000 in depth.

Maintains the excellent HDR support and Dolby Atmos sound of the GZ2000

Panasonic has also confirmed that the OLED panel that will incorporate the HZ2000 model will be adjusted in the same way as that of the GZ2000, which will allow it to deliver, according to the Japanese brand, 20% brighter peaks. During our review this latest TV showed us to have one of the highest brightness delivery capabilities that we have found in an OLED device, so it seems reasonable that we take this statement from Panasonic seriously.

The HZ2000 OLED TV will support Dolby Vision, HDR10 +, HDR10, HLG and HLG Photo

In addition, its HDR support will be as complete as that of the televisions that the Japanese brand has placed on the market in 2019. And it is that they are compatible with Dolby Vision, HDR10 +, HDR10, HLG and HLG Photo, a standard the latter that allows respect the dynamic range of our photographs when we reproduce them on the television. And finally, the HZ2000 model will incorporate the speakers that the GZ2000 leans on to reproduce Dolby Atmos sound in depth using wall reflections. As you can see, the next “flagship” of Panasonic it looks really great.

We don’t know when the new HZ2000 will hit stores yet, and we don’t know what price it will (though it probably won’t be cheap), but we do know that it will be available in 55 and 65 inches. As soon as we have more information about this promising TV we will send it to you as quickly as possible.

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