The Super Nintendo World Park is practically finished and it looks better every time!

Although Super Nintendo World is almost ready to be finished and to officially start its opening.

The park Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Japan It was going to be open by this time, but you already know what the current coronavirus pandemic has complicated everything. Although that has not stopped keep working little by little, and it seems that it is almost finished, although none of us get to travel there for long.

The park, now scheduled to open in spring 2021, looks like a dream come true. In an image published by The Sankei News last month, you can see that everything is -in general terms- more or less finished; at least externally.

Visitors to the park through the lower left area (the Peach Castle, better visible in another photo) will be found in a space that recreate the most iconic places in Mario. From the Toad’s House, to general platforms that even reach a level where ice is the protagonist.

There is coin blocks everywhere, for obvious reasons, at the back of the park you can see a Mario Kart track and a huge Bowser castle, which is completed by a polygon style, which is reminiscent of Nintendo 64. While everything looks amazing, the most fascinating thing is the fidelity with which they have recreated everything.

In the images that you can see, where at the beginning they showed conceptual arts of what would be their final construction, it is not missed not a detail. In some cases, such as certain areas, even better, since they will be higher and give a better feeling to the visitor.

This is the Super Mario store and cafeteria open at the Universal theme park in Japan

In this way, everything seems very positive in the face of Super Nintendo Land, the other park being built in Los Angeles. Perfect for those who live there, in North America or just can’t travel to Japan and / or are more patient.