Negative (or at least shared) criticism, and the dubious reception of previous episodes, has also made the cinema audience insecure, this weekend isn’t expected to be Disney’s most beautiful weekend.

The trilogy that concludes the story of Skywalkers evokes very intense emotions from the fans, which can be easily ascertained in the comment section of any relevant article, sometimes by studying quite astonishingly extreme forms. Even though the real wave of outrage followed The Last Jedi, that film still performed outstandingly at the box office. Now, however, it seems that the contradictory structure of the previous sections and the criticisms of the closure have made the audience more considerate.

The age of Star Wars: Skywalker is open this week, and it certainly hasn’t been gloved by spectators, as can be seen from the 57% Rotten Tomatoes average. While there are positive reviews – we think it’s a pretty well-done work, as you can read in our critique – but revenue data show that less enthusiastic opinions have left a mark on readers, and this is reflected in ticket sales.

Although after the fall of Solo, Disney also admitted that they made a mistake in releasing more and more Star Wars adventures at such short intervals, regardless of the closing of the trilogy, they were expected to generate revenue for at least the previous two numbered episodes. The Awakening Force opened with $ 248 million, while The Last Jedi brought 220 million to the kitchen, but Skywalker’s age is projected to lag far behind. Estimates show that between $ 160 million and $ 190 million, the final chapter of Rey, Poe’s and Finn’s adventure could end up on the opening weekend, which means it can even stop near Some of the Rogue’s earnings (not really at the standard, of course), which certainly doesn’t disappoint. On the face of Disney heads.

We urge everyone to avoid spoilers in the comments section! We will arrive on December 23 with a spoiler talk video, and during its article, the exchange will be free to go into a massive detail.

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