Deep Silver and Nine Dots Studio today announce that “The three brothers”The second downloadable content of Outward Now available worldwide for PC adventurers!

The doors open and the path leads to “Caldera”, a whole new region in the world of Aurai that awaits with new adventures, dangers and secrets to explore!

Play an important role in Aurai’s timeline and join in the rebuilding efforts of old Sirocco.

Filled with new missions, abilities, weapons, recipes and pets, the “The Three Brothers” DLC promises a host of new content for the intrepid adventurer.

You can see the launch trailer in the following LINK.

Grab your backpack & your tools, it’s time to rebuild!

“The Three Brothers” now available for PC (Available on consoles in early 2021)

“The Three Brothers” is released today on PC and in early 2021 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. OUTWARD is now available on PS4, Xbox One and in PC format through the Steam platform.

Released on March 26, 2019, by the highly creative and ambitious members of Canadian Nine Dots Studio, OUTWARD has cemented its place in the hearts of more than 1 million gamers around the world.

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