Jason Momoa and Peter Dinklage travel the world and together beat the people who are terrified of vampires.

The text “Drogo and Tyrion Going into a Pub …” sounds like the beginning of a joke, though it will really happen in The Good, The Bad, And the Undead. Jason Momoa will play the role of a vampire who has vowed never to kill anyone again. Then comes Van Helsing in the picture of Peter Dinklage.

So the strange couple get together and start walking the world in pairs. The scenario is the same in every city, of course: Van Helsing hunts down the “dangerous vampire,” the people are grateful, the fraudsters continue with the reward. However, the lucrative business soon comes to an end when they put a blood feud on the vampire’s head and soon their lives are really at stake.

Mark Swift and Damian Shannon were responsible for the idea, while the director’s work was undertaken by Max Barbakow. The two main characters are also responsible for the production work. The idea seems good for now, we look forward to seeing it. And you?

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