The ultimate iPhone trick: lock the screen ‘touch’ while the screen stays on

Surely many of you have found yourself in the situation that, while using your phone to distract a small child with a video, he suddenly decides to start messing with the screen. Obviously, it is something perfectly normal and unavoidable, we just have to look at how much it costs us adults be detached from the screens. However, it can be a bit annoying to have to constantly watch for anything weird to activate on the device.

In this sense, we still do not have a “Kids Mode” available in iOS that allows us to block all the functions that we consider annoying when leaving our small screen to a child. And although it would be nice if Apple considered creating something like that, the truth is that it may not be necessary. Thanks to the discovery of a mother, shared by The Sun portal, we now know that it is possible to use an accessibility function to prevent the touch screen from being active at certain times.

The Guided Access feature, available in the Accessibility menu in the Settings app, allows you to keep the iPhone locked in an application, allowing you to control the functions that are available. To do this, once we have enabled the feature in Settings, simply we will have to press the side button three times in a row in the app that we want to use. To deactivate it, it will only be necessary to repeat the process, after which the iPhone will work normally again.

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This little trick, which seems to have been born out of a mother’s classic experiments to keep her little one in check, can be really useful now that it is so common to leave children in front of the screen. However, the most effective way is still to keep an eye on them, monitor device use, and teach them to use it properly when they begin to be aware of what they can do with them.