With a Pokémon Presents airing on August 3, 2022, Pokémon Purple and Scarlet—next-gen that should finally be the open-world RPG everyone’s been hoping for. In the wake of the event, Numerama received a press release in which you can get to know a new Pokémon. Her name ? Patachiot.

And you’re bound to fall in love with Patachiot, a fairy-type Pokémon that literally looks like a baby dog, some of whose attributes are baked goods (its ears are doughnuts and its neck is shaped like a donut!). This distinction gives it an ultra-crunchy look, which dog fans will have a hard time resisting. In any case, if Pokémon Purple and Scarlet was looking for its cute Pokémon, it just found it.

Who is Pâtachiot, the new ultra-crunchy Pokémon?

With such a harmless face, does Pâtachiot know how to defend himself? Obviously, yes. This Pokémon actually has atypical physical properties, thanks to its skin that is both “firm and supple”. To intimidate his opponents and appear more imposing, he does not hesitate to inflate his body. Basically, it measures 30 centimeters and weighs 10.9 kilograms. He is described as an elastic creature.

In addition, Patachiot can use his breath, composed of a yeast capable of fermenting nearby food. This skill is also very useful in everyday life, since Patachiot’s talents are used in the kitchen (it’s always better than serving as a scooter). “That’s why human beings have been protecting this Pokémon for a long time.”

For the moment, no one can say if this Pokémon will be powerful enough to find its place in the team of an ambitious trainer. But we can already say that Pâtachiot will be the priority of many people driven by the desire to complete a Pokédex. Another thing is certain: Game Freak always finds a way to push the limits of its imagination to create very original Pokémon, while the saga has been around since the 90s.

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet: the latest information (region, gameplay, multiplayer…)

The new details around Pokémon Scarlet and Purple

In early June 2022, Nintendo came to share a 3-minute video revealing subtle information around Pokémon Scarlet and Purple. Now is the time for clarification from the Japanese firm.

You will play a Pokémon Academy student, led by the headmaster Mr Clavel and supervised by a biology teacher (Olim for Pokémon Scarlet and Turum for Pokémon Purple). Some characters were introduced along the way, including Pepper, an older student who is very talented in the kitchen; Jacq, professor of biology at the origin of the Motismart; and Pania, a shy classmate.

In total, Nintendo announces three different plots for Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, including one around 8 arenas. You will have to beat a master there in order to collect badges, including Grusha, champion of the ice type. To get around, you’ll ride the legendary Pokémon Koraidon and Miraidon, whether to move on land, sea, mountains or in the air.

About the new pokemon, we had the opportunity to discover Pâtachio, the Axoloto of Paldéa and Balbalèze. For the multiplayer mode, Nintendo promises 4-player co-op through Club Union and the Poké Portal. So you can explore Paldea together or raid to fight Pokémon in teracrystallized versions and capture them.

Speaking of Teracrystallization, this is a new crystal-related mechanic to make Pokémon “sparkle like gems”. In detail, this form can be activated in battle and can change the type of a Pokémon, and increase the power of their attacks. It is also necessary to have a Teracrystal Orb to teracrystallize a Pokémon. To recharge the latter and use the teracrystallization, you will have to go to the Pokémon Center or use crystals overflowing with Teracrystal energy in Paldea.

“Pokémon Scarlet and Violet” for the legends of the motorcycle show, open world

In the trailer, the Pokémon trainers are introduced as students from an academy, who are sent on a treasure hunt in the new region of Paldea with the latest Pokémon, Koraidon and Miraidon. The duo can shapeshift to act as a sort of vehicle for players as they traverse the area by land, sea, and sky.

This generation will be the first open-world game in the main series, featuring not only multiplayer masters and rival players (Professor Sada in Scarlett and Professor Turo in Violet), but also new regional variations of people’s favorite Pokémon. fans like Wooper. . They also introduced the three elements – the fire crocodile Fuecoco, the grass cat Sprigatito and the water duck Quaxly – with fun new animations.

The announcement also hinted that the story has three playable tracks, though it’s unclear how different they are.

The show also featured a clip of the online multiplayer game. Using the Union Circle, a circular table-like area located throughout the area, players can invite up to three players to hunt new Pokemon together. It is unclear whether the new multiplayer mode will follow the main story and gameplay or be a separate mode.

The region’s new shape-shifting mechanic, the Terastal Phenomenon, causes your Pokémon to sparkle in crystal form, charging them with more powerful moves and, in some cases, writing new Pokémon. Eevee in particular has been shown to terastalize into grass and water species. All Pokémon in the Baldia region can Terastalize, a welcome change from developer Game Freak’s pick and choose nature of shape-shifting mechanics for the previous generation.

Wednesday’s footage also featured Raid Battles, similar to the last-gen Max Raid combat system, but now including a new mechanic for players to recover and attack based on timed inputs.

The company also revealed several updates to its mobile game catalog. In Pokémon Go, Ultrabeasts can now spawn, and players can use Daily Incense to attract many new Pokémon, including Legends. Pokémon Unite, which is celebrating its first anniversary, introduced a new Pokémon released today, Buzzwole, as well as a party mode where each player on the battlefield is a Pikachu in a different outfit. Three-year-old Pokémon Masters EX has unveiled a new feature called Trainer Lodge, which appears to show your training units interacting in a hub-like area. Finally, Pokémon Café Remix has confirmed, yes, Mewtwo does eat, with a new mode where players must satisfy a Mewtwo board with several different dishes.

Pokémon Scarlet and Purple presents new Pokémon, and opens its pre-orders

The studio has obviously decided to counter the problem by revealing its own official information, the time of a presentation in good and due form. We take stock of what to remember.

For this new generation, Pokémon offers an RPG dimension. The new titles will feature an “unprecedented” open world across the Paldea region. For the players, the objective will be to integrate the Pokémon University, in order to become real treasure hunters. Less linear than its Scarlet and Violet predecessors, there will be three distinct adventures to choose from: a rather classic one based on arena fights, and two other more originalthe details of which have not yet been disclosed.

9G is here, and confirms our fears

Although relatively short, this presentation was also an opportunity to see in more detail the new Pokémon that will populate the Paldea area. In addition to the traditional regional shapes confirmed by a new Axoloto, some new faces have been made official, such as Patachiot and Balbalèze. The legendaries Koraidon and Miraidon have also been entitled to some additional details, and as many feared, the two creatures will be a kind of Transformers robots, capable of taking on the appearance of a motorcycle. Vehicles to do everything, since they will help us to travel on land, on sea, but also in the air.

Emphasis on multiplayer

Thanks to your friends and Professors Olim and Turum, this new Pokémon adventure will also be an opportunity to play multiplayer, up to three simultaneously. As in Sword and Shield, Raids will be accessible to attempt to defeat and catch powerful pocket monsters. Through the Club Unionit will also be possible to explore the world with friends.

Finally, and because it is now an obligation with each new generation, the new improved form of the pocket creatures has been unveiled. It’s about Teracrystallization phenomenon, which turns Pokémon into sparkling gems. Note that each species will be able to transform, which was not the case with the Gigantamax forms. Unsurprisingly, Teracrystallization will allow your companions to become stronger, and boost their usual type.

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