Recently, Godzilla and her friends jumped into the world of Magic: The Gathering, and now the iconic characters in The Walking Dead series get their own cards.

THE Thanks to the collaboration between the Wizards of the Coast and the AMC, a Walking Dead-themed page may soon be added to the Magic: The Gathering card game. Quite specifically in the series Negan, played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan, becomes a summonable creature, a Creature-type card in the game. It will be a special card that only the biggest fans can get for a limited time.

Remember when Godzilla, Rodan, Mothra, or even Ghidorah even got into Magic: The Gathering? Players were able to pocket them with successful packs, and in the digital version, Magic: The Gathering Arena, it was even easier to get these alternate card views – all we had to do was start a draft and we got one of them right away. Back then, the special sheets were an integral part of the current set, so Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths, but now it’s going to be something else.

The card called Negan, the Cold-Blooded (which can be played for two arbitrary and one for red, white and black mana) will be available during the next stage of the Secret Lair drop. All you need to know about Secret Lair cards is that completely unique cards with limited graphics, which can only be obtained for a limited time, will not be re-traded in any form afterwards. The new Secret Lair drop with the theme of The Walking Dead will be able to hit on October 4 and 12, of which the page in question is a part.

Negan promises to be a really interesting card, as he and his chosen opponent secretly name a card from his creatures on his pitch at the moment of his arrival on the board, and then the unfortunate flotation has to sacrifice these creatures – as the secret happens selection of creatures, it may well be that we both poked at the same good, we have to decide wisely.

In 2021, Magic lovers will not be bored either, as the Viking-themed Kaldheim set arrives at the beginning of the year, then Time Spiral Remastered brings back old favorite cards, in the second quarter Strixhaven takes card mages to an elite wizarding university, halfway through Adventures in the Forgotten Realms – Dungeons & Dragons, so another crossover that this time mixes the fairytale card with the world of Forgotten Realms.

Finally, in the fall, the Modern Horizons 2 set will once again hide old, especially rare cards, and by the end of 2021, two Innistrad-themed editions (for now, they will only be taxed under the working titles Werewolves and Vampires).

Updated: In the meantime, another card, Michonne’s card, has also been revealed. THE The new Secret Lair drop cards with The Walking Dead theme will be available in “Eternal” formats, so Vintage, Legacy, Commander and Pauper game modes.

Here’s a new card called Michonne, Ruthless Survivor: