The final season of The Walking Dead The Telltale Series has been announced by the developer and will be the final season.

The story-driven zombie drama, The Walking Dead – The Telltale Series, is coming to an end. Telltale Games and Skybound Entertainment have the last season planned and are ready to start the final.

In the final season we see how one of the main characters in the game (Clementine) develops into a real badass in an apocalyptic zombie world. After years of bludgeoning zombies and other enemies to survive, Clem must now protect an orphan (AJ) from new threats.

Telltale Games has promised that new elements will be added to the gameplay for the final season. There will be a camera function with which you can look over your shoulder and new combat options.

The first episode of the final season of The Walking Dead – The Telltale Series will be playable on August 14 and will be released on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC (with a possible release for Nintendo Switch later this year). In addition to the arrival of the final season, players can now also pre-order the ‘Clementine’s undead-slaying’ adventure which will be released on June 8 for € 16 and gives you access to all four episodes. Pre-orders for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One give you access to The Walking Dead: The Telltale Series Collection.

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