The Witcher 3 patch 1.08 improves console performance – article

Launched for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 last weekend, patch 1.08 focuses on frame-rate. The patch notes speak of “performance improvements, including some problems that may have been caused by 1.07 ??. Recall that the previous patch had worsened the frame-rate, bringing it to almost alarming values ​​of 20fps on Xbox One in the Hunchback Swamp. area that previously reported 28fps Fortunately, after installing the latest patch, we can confirm an improvement.

As a result, drops to 20fps disappeared on Xbox One. Performance is in line with that of patch 1.05, and the game runs between 20 and 30fps during the swamp stress test. In other words, CD Projekt Red has kept its promises with the new code, and the frame-rate is back to being higher albeit variable. This also puts Xbox One back ahead of PS4 during this demanding segment, where Sony’s platform continues to keep the 20fps cap active.

PS4 also benefits from patch 1.08 anyway. A ride through Novigrad City still made us detect the same occasional snaps (present to a lesser extent on Xbox One), but the sustained drop to 25fps seen in patch 1.07 at the market has now disappeared. In this section we have an average of 30fps, and the performance is once again very close to that of the 1.05 patch. The negative side effects of the last patch have been eliminated, and we’re basically back to where we were before.

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On the one hand, we can celebrate the return to optimal state brought by patch 1.08, obviously maintaining the benefits brought in its time by the 1.07 update, such as the more fluid movements of Geralt, the renewed inventory and a long list of eliminated bugs. However, those who expect a real step forward in terms of performance should not have too high expectations; we simply have what was ported from patch 1.05 again.

The Witcher 3 is now at its highest point on both consoles, but some issues still persist after six updates. Sony’s machine in particular suffers from a few clicks in crowded areas, and both consoles showcase pop-in in city areas. As you can see from our comparison of patches 1.05, 1.07, and 1.08, there are still some NPCs wandering around without limbs, torsos or heads, and texture streaming can be faulty near the Novigrad gates. These problems still exist, although their manifestation may differ from one game to another.

To recap the current situation, Microsoft’s machine continues to deliver the smoothest performance even if it lacks the native 1080p resolution of the PS4 version. Further technical refinements would be needed for both, and after so many updates the chances of a big performance improvement become less and less. At least three months after the game’s launch, patch 1.08 put the game back on track.


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We have also received several requests to test the game with post-processing disabled via the option added with patch 1.07. We initially tested the game on Xbox One, and the differences in performance were within the margin of error, so we didn’t give this feature much weight. In 1.08, however, disabling blur and motion blur the situation improves significantly on PS4 in the most intricate areas, as you can see from the images above (of tests that we ran again to confirm). Disabling these effects doesn’t have much effect on image quality, so owners of a Sony console should check out the option. We will update the article as soon as possible with a full video.

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