Snowed under by the moving image of Henry Cavill in a silver wig like Geralt of Rivia, the news is that many more characters have been cast for The Witcher’s Netflix series! Quickly check who will play characters such as Triss, Cahir and Stregobor.

This week, we could see the real life version of Geralt of Rivia moving for the first time, in the form of boss Henry Cavill, which made the rest of the casting news about the Netflix series a bit lost. But do not be sad! Check out the entire cast below, starting with the new members who have just been announced:

Anna Shaffer plays Triss Merigold

This lady is best known for the Harry Potter films in which she plays Romilda Vane (no idea who that is, by the way), after which she has mainly rummaged in relatively unknown series, TV films and shorts. And no, she’s not red-haired, like the sweet love interest we all know and love, but maybe they’ll still dye her and otherwise there won’t be a man overboard!

Joey Batey plays Dandelion (Jaskier)

I don’t know anything else this guy has on his resume, but I’ve heard of Whitechapel and it’s also noticeable that he had a voice in Dragon Quest Heroes II. Anyway, this Joey Batey plays Jaskier Merigold, a character we know better as Dandelion.

Lars Mikkelsen plays Stregobor

Ah, the budget version of Mads, aka his brother, who impressed me in Headhunter by the way, plays the Russian president in House of Cards and also voices Thrawn in Star Wars Rebels. In The Witcher series he is Stregobor and that is a rather insignificant character in the books whose role will probably be expanded, otherwise you do not hire Mikkelsen!

Eamon Farren plays Cahir

This actor IMMEDIATELY reminds me of one of the most psychopathic characters I’ve ever seen in a movie or series as Eamon Farren plays Richard Horne in the new season of Twin Peaks. So now he is Cahir, an intelligence officer in the Nilfgaard army, who has a big role in the books

Royce Pierreson plays Istredd
Maciej Musiał plays Sir Lazlo
Wilson Radjou-Pujalte plays Dara
Rebecca Benson spells Marilka
Shane Attwooll plays Nohorn
Luke Neal plays Vyr
Matthew Neal plays Nimir
Tobi Bamtefa plays Danek
Sonny Serkis plays Martin
Roderick Hill plays Fletcher
Inge Beckmann plays Aridea
Charlotte O’Leary plays Tiffania
Natasha Culzac plays Toruviel
Amit Shah plays Torque
Tom Canton plays Filavandrel

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