The World Health Organization recommends ‘active’ video games to stay healthy during the Coronavirus emergency

L’World Health Organization (WHO) continues to provide support and advice during the emergency Coronavirus, and has now recommended “active” video games as a way to stay healthy during the “quarantine” period.

On social media, WHO has published a list of physical activities that can be done at home and that can help keep us fit and active without having to go out.

The list includes online gymnastics classes, dance, the aforementioned active video games, and various physical workouts.

Some ideal stocks to stay active are Ring Fit Adventure, Fitness Boxing is Just Dance, all available on Nintendo Switch. Another good idea is to play a game with Wii Sports Resort, and use the boxing mini-game for a mini-workout. Even VR titles, like Beat Saber is Half-Life Alyx, they tend to make players move.

#BeActive and stay #HealthyAtHome! Here are some physical activities you can do at home during # COVID19 outbreak:

?? Try exercise classes online
? Dance to music
? Play active video games
? Try skipping rope
? Do some muscle strength & balance training # coronavirus

– World Health Organization (WHO) (@WHO) March 25, 2020 Manage cookie settings

WHO recommends that “all healthy adults perform 30 minutes of physical activity per day and that children should be physically active for 1 hour per day”.

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Source: SamaGame.