The WoW player hit the highest level by killing only boars – like in South Park

Youtuber nicknamed Dr Five was inspired by one of the episodes of the animated series South Park took up the challenge, which was to hit the maximum level (sixtieth) in World of Warcraft: Classic only by killing wild boars. He was the first in the world to do so after playing for over 9 days and 18 hours combined. During this time, he slaughtered over 10,000. animals. You can see the moment when he managed to complete the challenge in the video below. You can watch the entire course of the unusual leveling up here.

You may associate this challenge with an episode of the series South Park titled Make Love, Not Warcraft. In it, the main characters began their adventure with the aforementioned MMORPG production. However, they were disturbed all the time by another player who was of a higher level and was much stronger than them. He kept killing the virtual characters of the heroes and thus prevented them from developing any further.

Did you watch an episode of South Park where the heroes were playing WoW?

So they decided to stay in the starting location and kill the boars until they are strong enough to deal with the player that bothers them. Such sacrifice required the heroes to sit in front of computers for months, which had a significant impact on their health. Eventually, after a while, they managed to defeat their opponent and “finally start the game”. There was talk of taking up a similar challenge in the real world for a while now, but only now someone has finished it. It is worth noting that the normal version of WoW cannot be done, because above a certain level, killing boars would not grant experience points.

We would like to remind you that World of Warcraft: Classic, a special version of the most popular MMORPG, which originally appeared on the market in 2004, had its premiere August 27, 2019. The production was very popular – logging into the server required players to wait in several hours of queues. It was the same with quests, because due to the large influx of low-level characters, there was a shortage of monsters to kill. So the players stood in long lines for them, so that everyone got their chance to complete the task.

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