Phil Spencer spoke in an interview about one of Microsoft’s latest features that will be released with the Xbox Series X.

Project xCloud is currently in test mode, and basically the point is to be able to access Xbox games away from our console and play anywhere with a fast enough internet connection. Microsoft will offer xCloud as part of the Game Pass with the release of the Xbox Series X and is expected to be a useful service for many, but Phil Spencer said the option will not completely replace the traditional console gaming experience, contrary to many industry views.

The Xbox boss spoke to the GameLab team about xCloud, stressing that he thinks cloud-based gaming won’t replace traditional games, i.e. consoles and PCs, for a long time to come. XCloud is also being developed to offer an opportunity for those who want such a gaming experience and also consider the beta testing period a success. Hundreds of thousands of users are already using the service, and Microsoft experts are working to make xCloud available globally.

Spencer also mentioned that he talks a lot with developers about xCloud’s capabilities, consumer needs, and experience. Overall, he is very optimistic about the future of the service and says xCloud is a great opportunity for content producers.

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