While leaks have been scouring the web for a few months, Microsoft confirms the launch of the white version of the Xbox Elite Series 2.

Without making any technical changes to its Pro controller launched in 2019, Microsoft is taking advantage of the announcement of a new color to make the Xbox Elite Series 2 more affordable. Indeed, this newcomer to the family is displayed from €129.99 against €179.99 for the historic model.

A more affordable “Core Edition”, but devoid of accessories

Microsoft is adopting a relevant strategy with its new model. Presented in an immaculate white dress, although dotted with the black of the side grips, the controller launches into a “Core Edition” which, as the use of this term wants, is limited to what is strictly necessary.

For € 129.99, we therefore obtain a wireless controller with an autonomy of 40 hours, equipped with triggers with adjustable stroke and sticks with adjustable tension. All actions can also be customized via the dedicated application (both on Xbox console and PC). But, to enjoy the most complete experience, it will be necessary to add the accessory kit sold for €59.99.

A total addition of € 199.99 therefore, which allows you to obtain what the Series 2 already offers in the black version. Namely four domes with different textures for the sticks, four palettes which are placed at the back of the controller, a spare D-Pad and a transport box which also serves as a charging box. A magnetic USB-C dock completes the box.

The Elite controller is coming to the Xbox Design Lab

Not content with offering its flagship controller in a white version, Microsoft announces its upcoming arrival in the Xbox Design Lab – its site dedicated to the advanced customization of game controllers.

By the end of the year, the premium controller can be configured in some 29 colors, and see the style of its buttons modified at will in Microsoft’s digital workshop. Something to give great gift ideas to the most undecided.

For its part, Sony joined the race of professional controllers late. On the occasion of gamescom, the manufacturer of the PS5 announced the upcoming launch of the DualSense Edge. A controller with advanced features, intended above all for demanding players.

New Microsoft Xbox Elite Series 2 controller – Core, less complete and therefore cheaper

If the Microsoft Xbox Elite Series 2 is certainly one of the best controllers on the market, despite a somewhat light reliability over time, it is rather expensive and not all players can afford to pay the 179.99 € requested.

Good news, Microsoft formalized its controller yesterday Xbox Elite Series 2 – Core, blank for now. A lighter version that is displayed at 129.99 €, with just the essentials in a bundle: a USB cable for charging and the little tool to adjust the joysticks. Rear trigger point or cover, but it will be possible to afford all the accessories for 59.99 €. It will be necessary to think carefully before the first purchase therefore!

The specifications are however identical between the two versions, with a shorter travel on the triggers, a button Xbox customizable on color via app Xbox Accessoriessaveable profiles, Bluetooth or wired operation, etc.

Only the white / black color brings a clear difference at first glance.

Xbox Elite 2 controllers will be added to Xbox Design Lab later this year

Customizable Xbox Elite 2 controllers will soon be a reality when Microsoft adds them to its Xbox Design Lab sometime before the end of the year, according to Xbox Wire. The Elite Series 2 Wireless Controller should be added to Xbox Design Lab in time for the holidays.

But you don’t have to wait that long for new Xbox controller options. That’s because the Xbox Elite Series 2 Wireless Controller has a new white version starting today. You may recall that we reported an apparent leak last month.

Microsoft introduces a budget version of the Xbox Elite Series 2 Wireless Controller

Microsoft has officially unveiled its new Xbox Elite Series 2 – Core Wireless Controller, for gamers who want a capable controller at a lower price.

Offered at $159.99, the new Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 – Core is equipped with the essential components for better grip and better performance in game. It includes adjustable tension joysticks, rubberized grips and adjustable triggers.

Unlike the base Elite Series 2, accessories are optional and can be purchased separately for $74.99. The pack includes an interchangeable D-Pad (standard), 4 interchangeable joysticks (2 classic, one long, one domed), 4 paddles (2 medium, 2 miniature), carrying case, charging station and USB cable -VS.

The Xbox Elite Series 2 – Core wireless controller will be available from September 21 and can already be pre-ordered on the Microsoft site.

Xbox Elite Series 2 Coming Soon to Xbox Design Lab

Microsoft also announced the integration of the Xbox Elite Series 2 controller into the Xbox Design Lab customization program, in time for the holiday season. However, no specific date has been announced.

You can therefore choose between several colors and customize your Xbox Elite Series 2 controller on the Xbox Design Lab, a service that is currently reserved for the basic controller.

Xbox Elite Series 2 Core: Microsoft lowers the price of its best controller

Microsoft has decided to lift the veil on a rumored controller. A new Xbox Elite Series 2 controller in white, with downgraded functions for a lower price.

Launched at 179.99 euros, the Xbox Elite Series 2 controller was a favorite for us in 2019. It must be said that Microsoft had taken the excellent base of its Xbox controller and added a lot of high-end functions to it. one of the best on the market.

While we could expect an Elite Series 3, three years after the release of the previous controller, Microsoft surprises us by launching a variant of its controller. Meet the Elite Series 2 Core.


As the Xbox Series S and One S are white consoles and cheaper than their big black sisters Xbox Series X and One X, the Elite Series 2 Core controller lowers its selling price and adopts a white dress. In France, she will be marketed at 129.99 euros, i.e. 50 euros less.

The design of the Elite Series 2 is largely retained. The difference between the two models will be played on the accessories provided.

No more rear paddles, storage case, charging station or interchangeable sticks. With the Elite Series 2 Core controller you only have the right to the controller, a charging cable and the tool to adjust the sensitivity of the sticks.

All the accessories supplied with the Elite Series 2 controller are now sold in a box at 59.99 euros. The complete Elite Series 2 Core pack and accessory pack will therefore cost you 189.99 euros, 10 euros more than the Elite Series 2 controller.


Microsoft faced several durability problems with the Xbox Elite Series 2 controller. We think in particular of the RB button which could work less and less well, or even stop working. This is due to an internal design defect of the controller at the corresponding button. The brand had been forced in the United States to extend the warranty period of the controller to cope.

The firm’s engineers promise to have made efforts to improve the design of the product and its durability. Hopefully this can hold true over the long term.

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Here is the new Xbox Elite Series 2 controller: Core, the cheaper alternative with fewer accessories

The Xbox Elite Series 2 controller offers the best for the most advanced and demanding gamers on Xbox, a device that has only one aspect against it: its high price. Now, and in an attempt to ensure that such an attractive controller reaches more Xbox platform users, the so-called Xbox Elite Series 2: Core is coming, a cheaper alternative in exchange for incorporating less accessories, yes, from the maintenance of the quality of the materials and a high autonomy of up to 40 hours of play. And with an exclusive white finish; We can therefore see it in the trailer of this news dedicated to this new controller.

A cheaper option of the Xbox Elite Series 2 controller

This is how Microsoft presented it through its official website, detailing all the features of this new purchase option for the Xbox Elite Series 2 controller. A version recognizable at first glance thanks to its white finish for the central part of the controller, while, yes, the high quality finishes and materials of the most complete version.

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