The official Xbox account debuted on the platform with amazing video.

Perhaps no one needs to explain how worthwhile it is to be present at TikTok, especially now that the user base has grown tremendously thanks to quarantine. True, while the U.S. government is doing everything it can to trip the Chinese-based ByteDance app, it would have been banned all of a sudden if nothing else had intervened.

For now, it looks like it could stay for a while longer, and the Xbox isn’t afraid of not being able to reach the very significant American audience there either. The official account was completed a few days ago, and in the spirit of communication started on Twitter, memes became the focus of the first post.

First we see a short video of the Xbox Series S and then a gallery of an iPhone full of Series S and Series X memes appears. Worth checking out:


PART 1. What should our first post be? Let us know what you think ## xbox ## gaming ## gamer ## fyp ## foryou

♬ original sound – Xbox

Another video has been uploaded, focusing almost entirely on the Series S. Sign up if you’re registered, it can’t be a problem.

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