The Xbox Series X controller will still use AA batteries and Microsoft explains why

Microsoft has revealed some information about the new controller of Xbox Series X and we know it will bring with it a few improvements over its predecessors, from the inclusion of a share button to upgrades for the d-pad and analog sticks. A rather interesting piece of information that has emerged about the new controller is the fact that, just like the Xbox One controller (and the Xbox 360 controller), it will use AA batteries.

For many, this is a bewildering decision, especially when considering PlayStation controllers that use rechargeable batteries, so why does Xbox keep insisting on using AA batteries? Well, according to Microsoft, it’s all about giving players different options and being flexible.

Speaking with Digital Foundry, Jason Ronald – Xbox partner director of program management – said that a good 50% of users prefer the normal use of classic AA batteries.

“It all comes down to when you actually talk to the players, it’s kind of polarizing and there’s a strong part that really wants AA batteries,” he said. “So it’s about giving flexibility and satisfying both of us people … you can buy a rechargeable battery pack and it works exactly like on the Elite, it’s a separate thing. “

Rechargeable batteries are a separate purchase, which means spending extra money, but a rechargeable controller would risk having a shorter battery life, so both options have potential problems. However, Microsoft has listened to users in deciding again to implement the classic AA batteries.

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Source: Gamingbolt.