There are already more Mac Intel than Mac PowerPC

In the statistics last month’s NetApplications (benchmark where there are in terms of web traffic) you can see that the number of visits with a MacIntel is already slightly higher than that of Macs with a PowerPC processor.

And expressions like “Generational Relay”, “It is the law of Life”, “Winds of change” and the like come to mind. Yes friends it’s a fact PPCs are lagging behindEvery day that passes is for us a day that we lose steam, that we are slowly walking towards the twilight, the G3 no longer support Leopard (and those hacks to install Leopard on a G3? where are they?) and there are fewer and fewer , more and more people are renewing their old and worn G3, G4 PowerPC architecture for a new Intel Core 2 Duo and that is what is shown in the statistics, although at the moment the number of MacIntel is slightly higher, surely than from next year this number will have an unstoppable growth.

We can make a mini-statistic in the comments, apart from leaving the comment if you want to express your opinion about the news, also indicate your Mac and thus we will get an idea of ​​what happens among the readers of SamaGame.

Upgrade: At the moment these are the mini-statistics of the comments: PPC: 26 Intel: 19 PC: 1 Motorola: 5 You draw your own conclusions, although I completely agree with this opinion, there are many people who have 3 PPCs and an Intel and use the latter for browsing and the others as download servers (my Powermac G4 @ 466MHz that my friend Rubén sold me for 60 euros is for that) or to check email or listen to music, etc. and hence a little the statistics of the source and this add up.

Update 2: In the 53 comments of the entry (thanks everyone by the way) we have a technical tie: PPC: 41 Intel: 41 PC: 3 Motorola: 7 So the stat is a bit more like the original source and is that the new generations of Maqueros with Mac Intel push hard!