AMD processors ticking in machines still don’t roll off production lines at a pace to meet customer needs.

It has been suggested for some time that the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 will only be available in limited numbers this year, partly due to the coronavirus. Now that both manufacturers have opened pre-orders for their machines, those who want to get new machines at the first moment face serious stock shortages.

For both consoles, AMD has developed a special CPU with an integrated graphics card. The chips needed for this are manufactured by TSMC in Taiwan, but they do not have enough capacity to meet the increased demand, being one of the largest chip manufacturers in the world.

In addition, AMD was able to place extra orders as TSMC did not supply Huawei due to commercial battles between China and the US, allowing it to reallocate extra resources to manufacture next-gen console chips.

Regardless of all this, experts believe that by mid-2021, everyone will have to reckon with a shortage of new machines, as the mood to buy has so far fallen so far that production lines are able to supply stores.

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