These are the LG OLED TVs that the European Commission has determined as affected by a failure with the power board

LG is one of the best known and strongest brands on the market when it comes to televisions. Among its wide range, the models with OLED screen occupy the noble part of the catalog, a range that is now affected by a problem recognized by LG itself and now also the European Commission. In fact, the Korean company has been aware of it for weeks.

A failure that is affecting some of the LG televisions released from the year 2016 and which have been echoed in Forbes. A problem that motivated LG itself to start a voluntary retirement program in South Korea and that now makes the leap to the old continent.

Plate issues

Until now, the voluntary program was active in South Korea and China and affected some models of LG OLED TVs released from the year 2016 and that extends until those launched in 2019. The program offered a solution to the problem that these models were experiencing with the power plates.

In China, the authorities have also echoed this ruling and have proceeded to recall 13 models (OLED65C7, OLED65E7, OLED65W7, OLED65E6, OLED65G6, OLED77G6, OLED77W7, OLED77W8, OLED65W8, OLED65W9, OLED77C8, OLEDC779A and OLED77C8) by means of the OLED779A. Administrative Center for Defective Products of the State Administration for Market Regulation (SAMR). In the case of the Asian country, yes have covered the models launched between 2016 and 2019.

These televisions were experiencing power problems that could lead to overheating. Specifically, the 65 and 77-inch models launched in 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019 are affected. In the case of European countries, the European Commission includes 5 models for the voluntary retirement program and for now it is limited only to those launched between 2016 and 2017:

The televisions of these five ranges were manufactured in Poland and sold in Switzerland, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Greece, United Kingdom, Ireland, Iceland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Austria, Portugal, Sweden, Spain , Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Latvia and Croatia. According to the website of the European Commission, these are the possible consequences of this failure:

  • _ “During operation, the TV may overheat, which could cause some damage to the power plate or the rear cover, which would prevent normal operation of the TV. The consequences are a possible burn / scald of the finger. in the event of inadvertent contact with the hot surface of the rear cover of the television and possible inhalation of smoke from a defective television. “_

Apparently, the repair process involves the power board replacement, the same as the one that the 18 models that were affected in South Korea by the replacement program had to receive.