They criticize Apple for not preventing users from using the iPhone while driving, after a crash of a Tesla

The US National Transportation Security organization (NTSB) recently shared a statement about the fatal 2018 accident involving an Apple employee, Walter huang, when he was using the Tesla Model X autopilot function, as reported from CNBC.

The NTSB It has first mentioned that Tesla’s autopilot function is “completely inadequate” and they have said that the collision warning system did not provide any alerts or set the emergency brakes. But, in addition, he also criticized Apple.

According to the NTSB, Apple should have a policy that prohibits the use of mobile phones among your employees while driving.

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The NTSB statement

When the Tesla vehicle accident happened in 2018, Walter Huang was playing a game on your iPhone. He wasn’t paying attention to the road and he probably didn’t have his hands on the wheel since the car was in autopilot mode.

This is a partially automated car, it is not a completely autonomous vehicle. So if you put the Tesla in autopilot mode, you have to keep paying attention. You can’t sleep, you can’t read a book, you can’t watch a movie, and of course you can’t use the iPhone.

Robert Sumwalt, a member of the NTSB, criticized Apple for not having a policy that prohibits its employees from using the iPhone while they are driving:

Let me get back to the topic of driver distraction – one that involves the role of employees. Employees play a critical role in combating distraction behind the wheel. At the NTSB, we believe that you have to be a role model. More than a decade ago, my former colleague Debbie Hersman implemented a wide-ranging policy that prohibits the use of personal devices while driving. Those policies save lives. “