A gamer has discovered that it is possible to play pool in The Last of Us Part II, the latest Naughty Dog game for PS4. Now, if you’re going to give it a try, make sure you go full ammo …

One more time, The Last of us Part II He surprises us with his elaborate animations and physics system for objects. Naughty Dog’s latest work for PlayStation 4 hides a myriad of details that are as impressive technically as they are useful playable; Surely you remember Ellie’s “ability” to catch ammunition in mid-flight, in true John Wick style.

And now, YouTube user onlylaiden surprises us with a new finding: it is possible to play billiards in The Last of Us Part II. “How?”, You may be wondering. Well, how all the problems in the world of The Last of Us are solved: with a clean shot. Let’s put ourselves in situation: in the Hillcrest area, the neighborhood that Ellie must go through in a certain part of the story, there comes a time when we have to enter a bar to continue … and inside the first confrontation against a fan awaits us , one of the new enemies of this sequel.

After giving a good account of the creature, and if we look closely, we will see a pool table with several scattered balls. Since The Last of Us Part II is a survival game, no one would think of wasting ammo by shooting balls … But if we do, we find that all have been programmed to respond realistically to bullet holes.

Not only that: by being skillful and calculating well, we can put all the balls through the holes in the pool table. Take a look at this user’s video to see for yourself:

It is still another small detail in an endless list that reminds us that Naughty Dog thought of absolutely everything when they developed The Last of Us Part II. Surely the person in charge of programming the behavior of the balls and the pool table finally rests with satisfaction knowing that their work has not gone unnoticed.

In any case, and if you want to try it, take a look at this trick to save ammunition in The Last of Us Part II; If you want to win the game of billiards, you will need it. And if you are still not sure whether or not it is worth giving it a try, in our analysis of The Last of Us Part II we tell you with hair and signs everything you can expect from the work.

Source: GamesRadar