They found the world of Minecraft’s main menu

It was the result of a month of hard work done by several volunteers and even had to be programmed for a solution.

Back in 2011, a view from a piece of the world came up behind Minecraft’s main menu. For a very long time, no one knew how to really get to that place, but a small team of enthusiastic Reddit users teamed up on a Discord server and set to do the research. The result is a seed with which we can generate the world seen in the menu.

If you enter 2151901553968352745 obsession 8091867987493326313 seed code when launching a new world, the main menu site will spit us out of the game engine. You’ll find the exact info and a list of fans involved in the project in this post, but the point is, the guys have really put some serious work and human resources into finally enjoying the digital survivor sledding in perfect idyll.

The team that brought the thing together is currently looking for Minecraft’s tallest cactus, which is a less exciting project, but after that, we have no doubt they’ll find that too.

  • Developer: Mojang
  • Publisher: Mojang
  • Platform: PC
  • Style: Other, FPS

Minecraft was big and it came to him: to release a game with ugly graphics these days is equivalent to suicide, but despite Minecraft’s visual desolation, it immediately became a fan favorite.