“If the park is not going to you, build your own park!”, Or something like that is what this player must have thought while walking through Minecraft.

Many of us, especially those of us who are reading this article right now, we will not be able to visit the Japan Super Nintendo World Park. Obviously, there will be those who can, but even with this it will not be soon because although it was scheduled to open on February 4, it has been delayed due to the state of emergency declared by the nation’s government.

The coronavirus pandemic continues to ravage all areas of daily and special life, but right now there is a solution to this problem of nintendo park, cheaper and practical; for now. As reported from Nintendo Life, there is a 1: 1 scale replica in the works by Planet Minecraft user Dippy22.

East Super Nintendo World Minecraft park It is not finished yet, but Dippy22 says that the servers will be open soon for those who want to take a look. For now, so You can only enter the construction process website to see comparisons between real park and the one you are creating in the block game.

According to the progress offered by Dippy22 himself, Super nintendo world in Minecraft it is only about 5% complete so far, so there will still be a while until it is 100% complete. It is certainly impressive to see what they are doing, since according to Dippy they are making a fan adaptation based on some concept arts from last year, but now that there have been images, videos, etc. for months, making a faithful replica will become easier.

If any of you want and / or can give Dippy a hand with constructionOr, as a good Spaniard, you prefer to see the construction process, there is a Discord server that you can join. For now the park still has no estimated opening dateInstead, “it will be decided and announced after the lifting of the state of emergency in Osaka Prefecture.”

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¿What do you think of this idea of ​​Super Nintendo World Minecraft?

Source: Nintendo Life – GamesRadar +

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