More than $ 6 million worth of Apple products have been stolen from a truck in the middle of a UK motorway this past week. The thieves attacked the vehicle on the M1 motorway near Northamptonshire, tying up the driver and the security worker who was with him while they transferred the stolen devices to another truck waiting for them to escape.

Each shipment of iPhone has a high value that makes it really attractive to robbers.

The assailants later abandoned the getaway vehicle a county beyond where they perpetrated the robbery, having transferred the 48 pallets with merchandise from Cupertino to a third vehicle, according to Northamptonshire police, who are trying to gather more information about the assault with anyone who may have seen what happened. The authorities are focusing their efforts on locating suspicious resale units in the second-hand market in the country, waiting for the thieves to want to dispose of the merchandise.

The high value of Apple devices makes them the object of desire for thieves, who see a significant profit in reselling them.

Definitely a black week for Apple, which has seen two thefts linked to its devices uncovered in a very few days. The first in the Amazon facilities in Madrid, where an iPhone theft network was uncovered by some operators of its logistics platform and at the same time in the United Kingdom, where the loss is also compounded by the lack of information to locate the suspects.

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Between both crimes, the sum amounts to more than 7 million dollars in Apple devices, highly valued for theft given its high value even in the second-hand market. We hope that the police will not delay in locating the stolen units in the UK, and that this type of event will not be repeated in the future.

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