They use iPhone and iPad for NBC broadcasts on television

The expansion of the coronavirus pandemic has forced many sectors of the workplace to send employees to the safety and comfort of their homes. Many of them continue to work from home, even rumored that Apple allows its employees to bring prototypes home.

From the television channel NBC from the US were not going to be less, and some of their reporters continue to broadcast live from their homes. But… with a little help, that of Apple’s iPhone and iPad.

Al Roker, meteorologist, reporter and journalist, has revealed how he works from home by showing his setup on Twitter. In it, we see two iPhones, an iPad, several tripods, a large spotlight and microphones.

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Al Roker’s setup for NBC

Al Roker works for an NBC television show called ‘Today Show’. Last Friday he broadcast live from the backyard of his house. He shared a photo on Twitter showing all the tools he had to employ to make this possible.

And it is. Made it to Fri-yay. Here’s my backyard setup for @todayshow and @ 3rdhourhourToday iPhone is Live U, other iPhone is return. iPad is prompter. And a LED light panel and an iRig / Sennheiser mic combo

– Al Roker (@alroker) March 27, 2020

“Yes. I made it for Friday-yay. Here is my home backyard setup for ‘Today Show’ and ‘Third Hour Today’. An iPhone for the live broadcast, another iPhone for the return. The iPad is the teleprinter. And an LED lighting panel and iRig and Sennheiser microphones. “

From the television in American homes, it looked like a normal broadcast. But, ah, friends!… The magic of television!