According to official figures shared by the World Health Organization, the coronavirus has claimed the lives of 4,718 people and there are approximately 127,863 infected in 110 countries, characteristics for which a pandemic has been declared. However, and in light of this scenario, the main recommendation of the health authorities to avoid contagion It is simpler than it seems and consists of taking care of hygiene measures.

Even though handwashing It is a habit that is considered common, not all people do it enough times or in the correct way, therefore and given the current situation, different formats have been shared from many sources to inform about the correct way and frequency to do it and the App Store owns one of them.

An app for the Apple Watch remembers when to wash our hands

As iMore has shared, this week it has reached the App Store Hand Washing Timer, an application to help Apple Watch users to perform a more effective handwashing. Specifically, it is a hand wash timer for Apple’s smartwatch, which works by playing a tone and providing haptic feedback when handwashing is completed in 20 seconds.

Download Hand Washing Timer

For the app to work optimally, once installed it is recommended set it up as a complication to make it easier and faster to start a new timer. In addition to the time available, this includes a series of hand washing instructions correctly.

In the face of the rapid expansion of the coronavirus, there is no other measure to avoid contagion and less one that is literally in the hands of each person. And although in another context it would not make much sense, the Hand Washing Timer, right now it is highly recommended when it comes to taking care of our health.

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