The author of The Battle for Thrones novels gave a surprising answer to what was least dear to him in the HBO series.

George RR Martin announced in August that he was really only working on the Battle of the Thrones book, which is just the time, as the sequel to The Song of Fire and Ice series has been slipping for years. Taking time to answer some questions, the writer has just commented on his least-liked serial scene, which, somewhat surprisingly, has nothing to do with Kit Harington or the recently deceased Diana Rigg, although both characters are associated with great twists and turns.

James Hibberd, author of the book Fire Cannot Kill Dragon, shared some information at Entertainment Weekly about what Martin made honestly in the volume about the HBO series. In this, among other things, he also praised Ned Stark’s death and the execution of the Red Wedding, but there are some that he was specifically dissatisfied with, and for that we have to go back to the first season.

The scene in question is when Robert Baratheon goes hunting. In the series, four guys walk in the woods carrying spears and the king takes the lead on Renly. In the book, however, Robert goes hunting, the news comes that he was mortally wounded by a wild boar and then brought back and dies.

Martin never introduced hunting, yet he says he is aware of what a royal hunt is like: there would have been hundreds, with hunters, dogs, tents, horns, so a king hunts. He walks in the woods with three friends and spears in hopes of meeting a wild boar.

But the writer also went into the explanation, for at that time the budget could not afford horses, dogs, and tents, so they had to come up with a cost-effective solution.

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