This foldable iPhone concept is simply awesome

The current panorama of folding mobiles, being Samsung, Motorola and Huawei, the main representatives, does not finish convincing. Even a recent survey among US consumers showed that only 2% would buy a mobile with these characteristics, with price and durability being the main characteristics to consider.

But as with all new technologies, and despite Apple’s silence regarding a folding model, the followers of the firm fantasize about the possibility of the company launching its own version and do not hesitate to propose your own concepts. Previously, we have seen really interesting concepts like the one presented a few days ago by the TechMorning graphic designer, who shared his proposal for an iPhone with a 180-degree flexible screen on his YouTube channel.

Now, it has been designer and tech fanatic Iskander Utebayev, who has presented his proposal for a foldable iPhone. This conceptual device, shown in a video posted from his Instagram account, is first shown in its folded form whose dimensions reach the palm of the hand that holds it. Also, you can see a small touch screen on the front.

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My vision of iPhone 12 Flip?

A post shared by Iskander Utebayev (@ bat.not.bad) on Feb 26, 2020 at 12:24 pm PST

Afterwards, a simple swipe of the thumb causes the iPhone to unfold automatically, revealing a second, larger screen inside. In his publication Utebayev has decided to name this concept as the su “Vision of the iPhone 12 Flip” and in some subsequent comments the designer seems convinced that a flexible mobile will be seen from Apple this year.

Many tech giants are working on folding mobiles right now and while Apple has already filed patents on flexible display designs, it seems too early to see it materialize this year, especially considering external setbacks such as the coronavirus crisis and its effect on the company’s production line.