This is Among Us, a game of the classic “assassin” in a space environment that is sweeping among users

In the midst of all the mess between Apple and Epic Games, life goes on. And there we ran into Among Us, which has become the game of the moment. It may be because several celebrities in the youtuber world have been hooked recently, since it is a game that has been available since 2018. But the truth is that it is a hilarious game. A modern and spatial version of the classic “killer” card game that can be played online from an iPhone or iPad.

Are you ready for disputed games, mysterious murders and sabotage in the spaceship of Among Us? Of course, we warn you that it is a game not suitable for personalities who tend to waste their time.

Among Us for iPhone and iPad: a version of the game “killer” in a spaceship

Locked in a spaceship, between 4 and 10 players must collaborate to bring the ship to its destination. Along the way, they will have to perform certain tasks from one side of the ship to the other. Engine rooms, electricity, navigation, storage and oxygen, among others.

The problem is that not everyone works in the same direction. There is an impostor among the crew, whose mission is to sabotage the ship, set traps and also assassinate the rest of the crew. How could it be otherwise, no one knows who he is.

Among Us is the classic card game “the murderer”, taken to a spaceship with crew members and an impostor (or several) among them

This is how the game starts, in an environment of suspicions, lies and inexplicable deaths. The mission we have is keep the ship in perfect condition As you try to stay alive And in the event of a murder, summon the rest to unmask the criminal.

We have a chat to talk with the rest of the team and share what we know. At any given time, a vote will be taken on who the murderer is believed to be. And if there is a quorum, the alleged criminal will be thrown into the void sidereal. Just like in the card game, you may be throwing someone innocent overboard, while the impostor is still at large.

Mini games and puzzles to kill the time

Among Us (“between us”) is a very basic game. A map, multiple rooms, trials, players, and a chat. To download and play it, you don’t need to have a state-of-the-art computer, because it doesn’t use cutting-edge graphics like other games. All this does not prevent it from being tremendously addictive.

While the impostor does his thing, as a crew member you can complete certain tasks. There are tests that consist of connect some broken wires. In others you have to vacuum some leaves. You may also have to enter a code noted on a post-it. Nothing special.

The fact is that you will have to do it with the pressure of one of your companions who is really the murderer in disguise. And stick a dagger in your back. At that moment, you become a ghost that you can continue to do the chores and go through the walls. But the assassin will remain on the loose, wreaking havoc throughout the ship.

We can create private or public games. Both locally and online, the latter option being much better given current conditions. The games need a minimum of 4 players and up to 10 maximum. We can customize our crew with different colors, pets and hats, although some of these things are for a fee. We can also pay to remove the ads, an interesting option if we play a lot. Unfortunately, it is not compatible with external controllers such as the PlayStation Dual Shock 4.

In the end, Among Us is a game very given to creating piques between users. Even more so when it comes to people you know, whose betrayals, deceptions and disappointments you do not expect. If you did not know it, this weekend is the perfect opportunity to try it with family and friends.

Download | Among Us for iPhone and iPad, free.