This is how the Halo Warthog is driving in Forza Horizon 4

After our review of Forza Horizon 4, we want to show you how to drive in Warthog Halo available in the title of Playground Games and Turn 10 Studios.

Forza Horizon 4 and Master Chief on the same screen

This is one of the most curious details of the driving video game: The universes of Forza and Halo unite so that we can drive the Warthog for competition, and not just to run over and defeat enemies.

Epicity in its purest form while we drive this monster off-road. In the video we can see a gameplay in which the vehicle is taken to the extreme, making the suspension work at each great jump.

  • Cortana (our partner) and Pelican (one of the ships that accompanies us) will tell us what happens
  • Until three ships will escort us.
  • We will see different Halo decors adorning the fields where the race takes place.
  • The soundtrack that we will hear is characteristic of the Halo saga, so much so that anyone will be able to recognize it.

We know that Master Chief is very good at killing his enemies, but is he good at competing?

Only holders of Forza Horizon 4 they will be able to find out. If you are still not sure about its acquisition, we share a fragment of the conclusions that our colleague Mario Arroyo placeholder image has written in his review of the game:

Forza Horizon 4 has managed to take a step further and take Microsoft’s exclusive driving saga one step higher. We repeat again that we are facing a driving game of a superb size, not only at the content level, but also at the technical level. The experience and good work of Microsoft together with Turn 10 Studios and PlayGround Games, has been evident again, in a game that lovers of the genre will enjoy and that he will know how to captivate the new drivers with their L stuck to the rear window of the car. A must if you have an Xbox One at home. Pure quality.

We encourage you to read the full review and we recommend the title, as it deserves it.

Forza Horizon 4 Review – The Future of the Driving Genre Has Arrived

Forza Horizon 4 will be launched onOctober 2, 2018 for Xbox and PC. What did you think of this gameplay? Do you want to try it? Have you reserved the title? Tell us in comments what you think.