Undoubtedly, the best thing that can happen after a mixed reception announcement is if the meme manufacturers draw inspiration from it. We have now collected the best Xbox Series X memes.

At The Game Awards, the Xbox Series X console family, hitherto known as Project Scarlett, was unveiled, and we’ve gathered the most important information for you in this article. Contrary to the design trend so far, this machine has certainly got a very robust look, which did not win everyone’s liking. Of course, as usual, the meme masters went to work to get us a few hilarious minutes.

There are some who are not quite fascinated by the dimensions of the console:

Microsoft reveals Xbox Series X (2019, colorized) from r / gaming

It can already be compared to the developer version of PlayStation 5:

Best next-gen household appliance? You decide! from r / gaming

A great combo from r / gaming

I think series X takes the gold for design from r / gaming

Maybe there won’t even be a Series X seat in the living room?

Not sure why everyone’s hating on the Xbox Series X. I think it suits my house perfectly! from r / Gamingcirclejerk

Of all it’s features … what I’m now excited about the new Xbox Series X is … from r / Gamingcirclejerk

And of course the math problem is also given:

Norman Reedus would also have a hard nut to crack:

Delivery of the new Xbox Series X will be like that from r / pcmasterrace

Keep on Keeping on from r / gaming

PC or non-PC: that’s the question here.

The new Xbox Series X or is it? from r / dankmemes

And, of course, nostalgia comes back:

He’s grown so much from r / gaming

Even Wendy’s stabbed one for Microsoft:

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Wendy’s Canada getting in on the XBox Series X Fun. 🙂 from r / TwoBestFriendsPlay

If you think some great Xbox memes have been born, don’t hesitate to share them with us and each other!