In a long video we can see how the Razor Crest was born.

Next month is the second season of The Mandalorian, which is likely to be filled with plenty of Star Wars fans around the world, as the first season has been a hit. There’s no question that baby Yoda is a big star in Disney’s creation, but in addition to the little green character, the series has a number of elements in which the makers have put some pretty serious work, such as the title character’s spaceship.

The staff at Industrial Light and Magic are true masters of the various visual effects, and it’s mostly thanks to them that Din Djarin’s ship, the Razor Crest, painted so strikingly on the screens. Among other things, the father of the series, Jon Favreau, wanted the vehicle to recall the original designs dreamed up by George Lucas and Ralph McQuarrie, which was no longer an easy task in itself.

Not only did the creators use digital tricks to bring the Razor Crest to life, as a miniature model was also made based on the ship, and great camera shots could be taken thanks to the percussion camera systems. If you’re curious about more details and curiosity, it’s definitely recommended to watch the team’s more than 17-minute video.

The second season of The Mandalorian will debut on October 30 on Disney +.

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