This is how we can install the macOS Big Sur public beta

Yesterday Apple released the first public beta of macOS Big Sur. Yes, it is still a beta version, but the truth is that noticeable change in performance and stability as of this version, the fourth for developers. Do you want to try it? So we can install the public beta.

Public beta, the beta with more guarantees

Before we start let’s clarify that the public beta is the same as the developer beta. The main difference lies in the time: Apple releases the first public beta from the third or fourth beta for developers, so the versions with more bugs do not become public. In addition, Apple, at least in the first versions of the public beta, waits a few days after publishing its equivalent version for developers, thus preventing any important undetected errors from reaching the public version. Therefore, if we are already testing the beta for developers, it is best that we continue in it without making any changes.

Let’s get to work. After regulatory backup the steps are quite simple:

  • We entered the website of Apple’s public betas.
  • We touch Sign in to log in or Sign up if it is the first time we enter.
  • We enter the username and password of our Apple ID.
  • We tapped on Enroll Your Devices at the top.
  • We choose macOS.
  • A little further down we touch on Download the macOS Public Beta Access Utility.
  • We allow the download.
  • We open the .dmg file downloaded in the Downloads folder of our Mac.
  • Once the .pkg installer appears, we double-click it and accept and follow the steps.
  • After installation the System Preferences Software Update window will open automatically. We tapped Install to start the download and installation.
  • And that easy. Once the entire system has been downloaded, the Mac will reboot and start the installation. The speed of the process depends on the machine, but let’s calculate, at least, about 20 minutes. When the process is finished we will find ourselves in front of Big Sur.

    Keep in mind that as it is an update, all apps, conversations, settings, files, folders and other information will follow right where we left off. Encouraged to try what’s new in macOS Big Sur?