In a video we can see how we can at home convert a traditional controller to Microsoft Flight Simulator, for example.

With a controller, we can perfectly control a lot of different genres of games, be it shooting, car racing, or even a logical creation. Of course, in a racing game, you can throw a lot at the experience if you get a handlebars, and for some simulators it comes in handy to have a separate joystick and throttle nearby, but apparently with some DIY you can achieve the desired result.

Akaki Kuumeri presented his special invention in a YouTube video that allows us to turn a plain Xbox One controller into a HOTAS-type controller. The videographer created the various elements of the structure with a 3D printer that fit surprisingly well together, and as you can see in the tutorial below, the joystick and throttle are also easy to use. For example, you can use it well to control Microsoft Flight Simulator.

How do you like it?

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