This is included in For Honor Season 2: Shadow and Might

Three months after the For Honor release, the first bloody season has ended, with the Vikings emerging as the winners of the Faction War. But new round, new opportunities. The second season ‘Shadow and Might’ has now started and is inextricably linked with update 1.07. Below you can read the biggest changes.

Shadow and Might has two new Heroes to start with: Shinobi and Centurion. This has increased the number of heroes in For Honor from twelve to fourteen. Both Heroes will be available to everyone on May 23rd and cost 15,000 Steel. If you have a For Honor season pass, you can work exclusively with the new warriors a week earlier.

The Shinobi belongs to the Samurai faction and is an Assassin. This fast-paced ninja is extremely agile with his back flips, sprint skills and the ability to block dodge manuevres. Armed with two kusarigamas – a sickle on a chain – you also have the widest range of all Heroes. The Shinobi’s Achilles’ heel, however, is their limited health and defense. Caution is therefore advised.

Shinobi (left) and Centurion (right)

The second character to be added to the roster of heroes is a new Knight. The Centurion is a Roman soldier and belongs to the Hybrid class. Since you fight with a gladius, this Hero relies on close-range attacks. When your opponent falter, you punish them mercilessly. You also specialize in dodging attacks and exhausting opponents. As a melee specialist, however, your scope is limited and you are therefore vulnerable if you keep too much distance.

In addition to two new heroes, you can expect two new maps in For Honor Season 2. The Forge is located in Ashfeld, home of the Knights. It is a busy forge that mainly produces steel. Some notable features of the map include the huge spinning water wheel and some crucibles to cook your opponents alive.

The second new map is called Temple Garden. This is a classic Japanese garden in which characteristic cherry blossoms, sculptures and temple buildings are not lacking. The eye-catcher is the huge tree in the center of the map. Temple Garden is an idyllic place to completely unwind, were it not for hard fighting.

The Forge (left) and Temple Garden (right)

In terms of equipment, Shadow and Might has also been adapted a lot. In addition to Common, Rare and Heroic, you now also have Epic Gear. For example, there are four new weapons and two new armors for each Hero. If you want to loot it, you must have at least a level 5 Reputation. In addition, Ubisoft has narrowed the gap between high and low level gear, and you can now better compare gear thanks to percentage deviations.

Finally, nine new territories are added to the Faction War map. With that, Ubisoft tries to create more tension in the metagame, since the Vikings conquered no less than 37 of the 60 territories in the first war season. The second season of the Faction War lasts another twelve weeks.

For Honor Season 2: Shadow and Might has been live for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One since May 16, 2017. You can read the For Honor review here.