The JPR produced results for the fourth quarter and outlined its outlook for the near future.

In the last quarter of 2019, 3.4 percent more video cards rolled off the assembly lines of companies, according to JPR analysts. Experts believe it is largely due to AMD, with AMD advancing 22.6 percent quarter-on-quarter and NVIDIA 1.9 percent backward. Intel has a market share of 63 percent, AMD 19 percent, NVIDIA 18 percent, meaning Intel continues to dominate the composite.

PCs with dedicated GPUs produced roughly the same amount, with a decrease of only 0.19 percent, and 31.9 percent of the machines shipped had this type of graphics controller. On an annual basis, the market grew by 3.54 percent.

According to experts, this trend will not last long, and the effects of the coronavirus will not spare this sub-market either. Demand for video cards and motherboards has declined in China, production has been paralyzed, leading to unexpectedly large declines beyond the traditionally weak first quarter after the holidays.