Many important dates worldwide are recognized within Apple’s schedule with a tribute through its products or services. Thus, this next month the company will add for the first time, a special activity on the occasion of World Environment Day, using the Apple Watch.

From Cupertino they have already prepared a challenge that has been announced through the company’s official site and as usual, when it comes to challenges on the Apple Watch, it encourages smartwatch owners to fill up their rings and get moving.

Apple celebrates World Environment Day on the move

Apple has scheduled its next Apple Watch Activity Challenge for June 5 in celebration of World Environment Day. On that day Apple Watch owners must complete the rings on their device, moving for at least a minute for 12 hours that day.

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With this challenge, the company will return to the challenges it usually does, after canceling the Earth Day mitive schedule last month, probably in an effort to encourage people to stay home and practice social distancing due to COVID -19. In its official statement Apple invites users of the device to “move around the planet”

Defend the planet on World Environment Day. Close your Ring Stand on June 5 and earn this prize by getting up and moving for at least one minute for 12 hours that day.

Activity Challenges allow Apple Watch users to collect virtual trophies available through the tab “Achievements” from the Activity app on iOS. There are also special stickers that can be used with Messages and FaceTime. With this challenge proposed for June there are many possibilities to win these prizes.

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