This is the simplest way to download the latest Windows 10 ISO directly from Microsoft’s website

Updating to Windows 10 and also free, is one of the things that Microsoft makes it easier for us, whether we do it directly from the computer where we want to install the operating system, or we choose the option of create a bootable disc to use on another PC.

That is why if we enter the official website from any Windows computer we can download the media creation tool to do it quickly. However, if we just want the ISO and have plans to create the install disc on our own later, we can skip that step and instead just download the latest Windows 10 image.

Direct Download Latest Stable Windows 10 ISO

If instead of downloading the media creation tool we choose to “cheat” our browser, the Microsoft website will offer us a direct download of the latest stable Windows 10 ISO in the version and language we want.

It is as simple as open developer tools from any browser and change the emulation device. For example, from Chrome enter this link and then click on the menu button (three horizontal dots in the URL bar).

Choose More tools … and later Developer tools, or what is the same, press the key combination CTRL + SHIFT + I. It’s the same shortcut in Microsoft Edge and other Chromium-based browsers, and also in Firefox.

The next is change device type at the top of the page where you will see a drop-down menu that says “Responsive”. Click there and select iPad or iPad Pro for the web to be better viewed and increase the zoom percentage to 75 or 100%.

Then refresh the page with F5 or with the Update button, and you will see how the Microsoft website goes from offering you the update or download of the tool, or directly offering you the download of an edition of Windows 10.

Now you just have to select the Windows 10 edition, which will always be the latest stable version. Then you must choose the language and version (32 or 64 bits). Finally, you can download the ISO directly to your computer to create a bootable USB disk with the program of your choice.

Obviously this also works if you change the browser’s user agent, or if you enter from Linux or macOS to the same website. But if you are on Windows, this is definitely the fastest option and does not require downloading additional tools. If the latter doesn’t bother you or do you want to download an older ISOYou can also use this unofficial tool that allows you to download various Windows and Office ISOs from Microsoft’s servers.

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