This is the simplest way to rename multiple files in Windows 10 automatically and without having to type the name

A couple of days ago in SamaGame we talked about Files, a alternative to Windows 10 Explorer with modern design and tabbed browsing, and that has been very well received by you, the readers, or so it seems in the comments of the article.

Precisely between those comments I noticed a conversation that surprised me a lot. A user was talking about how Windows 10 Explorer leaves you rename files automatically in batch and also puts a number next to them, and the level of surprise in the responses was great.

Select, Rename, Enter

This is not from Windows 10, exists in the browser from to various versions of the system, and for me it was a surprise that it was such a little known characteristic, in fact, some of my colleagues in SamaGame did not know it.

Like the friend in the comments, I have been using this function for years, especially useful for renaming batches of images, because just choose a filename and Windows will add a suffix at the end with a number in parentheses.

All you have to do is select all the files you want to rename, then right click on any of them and choose “Rename”.

After pressing Enter, all files will have the same name, but as in Windows two files with the same extension cannot have the same name, the system automatically adds a number to differentiate them.

If among the files you selected there are some with different extensions, then you will see the name duplicated once for each different type of file. The great advantage here, unlike other explorers, is that the Windows does not ask you to rename each file manually, nor does it prevent you from renaming them all with the same name, that solves it on your account with the number, something quite, quite useful.

If you want more control and advanced options when renaming files in batch And with little difficulty, you can choose to use the Powertoy Power Rename for Windows 10.

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