This is what Among Us would look like on Game Boy

The Internet’s new favorite game plays very nicely on even the weakest phones, and could probably be recreated on a Game Boy as well – with severe limitations, of course.

InnerSloth’s digital board game went huge, thanks in no small part to’s streamers. Everyone is already playing Among Us, from bored grandmothers to hardline gamers waiting for Cyberpunk 2077. Lovers of retro consoles are the only ones who haven’t bitten it completely yet, but a version of Game Boy can help with that as well.

Unfortunately, there’s no real retro demake in sight, but that didn’t stop a video named LumpyTouch from making a pixel art animation and showing what it could be like to spin Among Us on the first Game Boy.

InnerSloth, by the way, doesn’t want the madness to flatten out, so they’re making big announcements during this year’s The Game Awards. You will want to follow the events, especially if you love Among Us.