This is what the cover images for Xbox Series X games look like

There are indications that Microsoft will release quite a bit of information in the box, and this could seem to be at the expense of the design.

Sony recently unveiled how the PlayStation 5 game boxes will look, and the design didn’t come as much of a surprise, as it’s not much different from the PlayStation 4 solution. Microsoft hasn’t even made so many changes, with the exception of a few conspicuous innovations that many are certainly not reconciled to.

For newer, next-generation console creations, Microsoft seems to want to draw players’ attention to the various technical benefits, but may not have chosen the right way to do so. The image below also illustrates exactly what it is all about with the DiRT 5 case, which is also available for Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

As you can see, the cover image of the PS4 box is pretty clear, while the other version managed to be quite crowded. Many are bothered, for example, by the rather large squeak, which advertises that the game is optimized for Xbox Series X, and the technical data in the upper right corner doesn’t improve the overall picture either.

It’s understandable why Microsoft feels it’s important to include this information, as it’s good to know, for example, before a purchase whether a particular title supports 4K resolution or not, and prioritizing such details can even have a beneficial effect on sales. But based on user feedback so far, you may have been luckier to solve this thing differently.

How do you like Microsoft’s design?