Since their launch almost 2 years ago (November 2020), PS5s have been constantly out of stock. Sony’s next-gen console suffers from production and logistics. These are a few million units that have been sold around the world, and the quantities are very limited. If you go to the store, it is almost impossible to find any.

At present, you can go buy some on the secondary market at double the price (so more than 1,000 euros) or wait for a flash sale. There are this Friday morning September 9, from 9:00 a.m., a mini stock that will arrive at SFR. It will consist of PS5 Digital Edition and PS5 Standard. But expect a storming within minutes from Friday morning. The prices for the console are also cheaper than elsewhere.

Admittedly, it is quite unexpected that SFR, a telecom operator, announces a stock of PS5. It must be said that traditional merchants like Amazon, Cdiscount or Fnac have almost no stock. So you have to look everywhere, and the SFR site is a good surprise. Its formula is particular: you have to take an internet box at home to enjoy a PS5. But before you rob yourself, think carefully: there is a real interest in that.

If you currently have a chaotic internet connection at your ISP, this Box + PS5 formula may be of interest. If your connection is just fine, it’s also worth changing: indeed, the PS5 requires a lot of bandwidth to enjoy all PS5 games to the fullest of their capabilities. So you might as well go on a very good internet connection, ultra fast and stable, to have the best experience.

How much does this PS5 cost at SFR?

Officially, the PS5 Standard console costs 549 euros today. It is found on resale sites around 1,000 euros. At SFR, this Box + PS5 combination allows you to have it with a softened price over time: you have to take out 169 euros at the time of purchase, then 8 euros per month for 24 months. In total, the console will therefore cost you 361 euros (instead of 549 euros).

Of course, the cost of the ISP’s internet box must also be taken into account. Here you have the most prestigious Wi-Fi box from the SFR operator. It includes all unlimited calls (landlines and mobiles), 200 TV channels with a 4K decoder and a still very powerful speed. It is 8 Gb / s download and 700 Mb / s upload.

How much does this box cost? If you want to take advantage of this PS5 stock, you will also have to think about putting the 42 euros per month for your internet subscription. Beyond the first year, this amount increases to 60 euros per month. Again, you have the high end of the box, the prices will be relatively standard for this type of product.

Since the PS5 is cheaper than the official price, you can very well accept this high-priced internet box. You will be able to enjoy a very good experience and a super fast connection for two years. The ISP asks you for a commitment over this period to finance the cost of this operation.

Standard version or rather Digital Edition?

Microsoft’s strategy with its Xbox Series has nothing to do with the strategy of the Japanese manufacturer Sony. The latter has decided to release his next-gen console in two different versions but these have the same power.

The only difference is in the Blu-Ray drive. The PS5 Standard retains it, allowing you to purchase game discs from stores. You can also resell them to finance part of them. On the other hand, with the stock of PS5 Digital Edition, all your video games will have to be purchased on the PlayStation Store: they cannot be resold.

This is the one big difference between the two Sony consoles. This logically has an impact on the price since the dematerialized version (without disk drive) is therefore 100 euros cheaper. This is also the case during this special SFR flash sale.

SFR is not at its first attempt on this game console. Indeed, the ISP has released a few times in the past a small stock of PS5, digital or not. But in any case, he always left extremely quickly. This will also be the case on this Friday, September 9.

If you absolutely want to buy a PS5, this stock will be ideal. From a value for money point of view, even including the cost of the box, you are getting a very good deal. It’s unlikely you’ll still be able to get any this weekend.

For those who are with another ISP and who are ready to change box, SFR accompanies them throughout. Once you have subscribed to this Box + PS5 plan, you can cancel your current subscription. SFR undertakes to pay you 100 euros on the termination costs. In general, they are lower than this amount: you will therefore leave at no cost to SFR.

PS5: what are the differences between the new model and the old one?

A few days ago, Sony announced the arrival of a new PS5 model on the market, so far only available in Australia. Two years after the release of the console, this is the third model to see the light of day, and one of its main advantages did not last long for aficionados of the brand. The console is now much lighter, at the rate of a few hundred grams lost for the classic and digital versions.

While this is great news for any gamers who haven’t purchased theirs yet, it was unclear what caused this weight loss, or how much of the PS5’s performance was affected. It was without counting on the do-it-yourselfers and tech fans who hide among PlayStation players, who hastened to open the beast in order to examine it more closely. Better yet, compare it with the two other previously released models.

And this new PS5 has some pleasant surprises in store for us. Content creator Austin Evans shows us on video the few changes made to the console’s motherboard, which is getting smaller, to the cooling block and even to the SSD enclosure. In general, Sony saves space and lightness by reducing the size of its components, which should not affect the performance of the console.

According to the YouTubeur, the finding is almost clear: this new model should be significantly less expensive to produce for the brand given the drop in components required to manufacture it. And yet, players now have to pay more than expected.

A surprise update

At the same time, PS5 players are also pleased to welcome a new console update, which is not exclusive to the new model. Everyone can now take advantage of QHD (1440p) resolution support, which allows for an intermediate display level between 1080p and 4K, two resolutions already supported by the Sony console.

PlayStation 5: an update brings its share of welcome new features

Sony’s next-gen console is getting even better with the arrival of new options, via an update already available.

Among the novelties, we will especially note the presence of the video output in 1440p in HDMI, which obviously requires a television or a monitor supporting the resolutions 1440p/60 Hz, 1440p/60 Hz and 120 Hz.

On the side of the PS App application, it is now possible to launch a PS Remote Play session. “To get started, make sure the PS App is paired with your PS5 console and your PS5 console is in rest mode. Next, select the game icon with PS Remote Play from a PS App game portal. The PS Remote Play app will automatically launch the game. To take advantage of this feature, make sure you have both apps, PS App and PS Remote Play, installed on your mobile phone or tablet,” Sony explains on its blog.

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