WhatsApp is working on a feature that will allow you to export your backup stored on Google Drive.

Over the past few weeks, WhatsApp, today’s most popular messaging app, has continuously improved its platform with new features such as the ability to recover messages you’ve deleted in a chat or requesting a second verification code to log in if you’re already using your account on another device.

WhatsApp will let you have more control over your cloud backup

As you can see in the screen image that we leave you below these lines, in the configuration menu for WhatsApp cloud backup, which is done in Google Drive on Android and in iCloud on iPhone, A new option will appear at the bottom very soon which will allow you to export it to your device.

We must remember that WhatsApp backup saves the entire chat history, which includes messages, images, videos, and any other media files sent or received through those chats.

This new feature, which was discovered in the version of WhatsApp for Android, is still under development and will reach beta users in a future update.

Do you have dozens of WhatsApp chats open? The app will add a convenient function perfect for you

If you want to take advantage of both this and other future functions before the rest, we recommend that you sign up for the WhatsApp beta program as soon as possible.

WhatsApp works to export backup from Google Drive

WhatsApp is working on the possibility of allowing users to export chat backup from Google Drive. Backup includes complete chat history including messages, pictures and videos.

The feature is currently under development. There is no information as to when the feature is slated for release.

WhatsApp is working on a new feature for business accounts to create a new order in conversations. The shortcut will be available in chats. WhatsApp is also working to bring the shortcut to its desktop beta.

The feature will allow businesses to choose which products to include in the order, quantity, and price. It could also be shared with the customer.

The instant messaging app recently announced that it is working on a message editing tool and a double verification code for added security.

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